Pixel Starships Mod Apk 0.998.14 (Unlimited Money)

Pixel Starships v0.998.14

February 15, 2024 Games
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Feb 14, 2024
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Description of Pixel Starships

Pixel Starships Mod Apk Unlimited Money, you play as the captain of a starship on a mission to explore the galaxy. As you travel through space, you will encounter different planets and creatures, and you will need to use your skills to survive. As you progress, you can upgrade your ship, purchase new weapons and gear. Assemble your team of brave heroes and explore uncharted worlds in search of new treasures and powerful artifacts.

Battle Out With Other Real Players

In Pixel Starships, you will be able to battle out with other real players in a simulated galaxy. With the help of your ship and crew, you must defeat your opponents to become the ultimate ruler of the galaxy.

Pixel Starship Mod Apk

Manage Diplomacy, Recruitment, Research, Exploration

As the leader of your Starships, you must carefully balance the needs of your citizens with the demands of interstellar exploration. Pixel Starships you must manage diplomacy, recruitment, research, exploration in order to build the best ships and defeat your enemies. Build new starbases and ships to expand your reach, recruiting new citizens to help you achieve your goals.

Control Ship’s Power And Limited Resources

Pixel Starship you must manage your ship’s power and limited resources in order to keep it flying and defeat the enemy ships. Collect energy orbs to upgrade your ship, and use the right weapon at the right time to defeat your enemies. Each level presents a new challenge with new obstacles and enemies to overcome.

Discover Epic Weapons

Pixel Starships is an epic space shooter game with a unique twist you control a Star Ship that can be upgraded and customized to your own liking. Battle through obstacles and enemies in an effort to reach the top of the leaderboard. Unlock new weapons, outfits, and ships as you progress.

Build and Deploy Support Crafts To Augment Your Starship

Pixel Starships game, you must build and deploy support craft in order to augment your Starship and protect it from enemy fire. Each craft has unique abilities that can be used to help you survive and conquer the galaxy.

Create The Best Strategy Using Crew Tactics

In Pixel Starships, the aim is to build the best fleet of starships possible and take on the galaxy’s greatest challenges. You must choose your crews wisely, manage resources carefully, and outsmart your opponents in order to be victorious. Your fleet will consist of different types of starships, each with their own strengths. You must use these abilities to best advantage in order to achieve victory.

Explore Planets, Discover Secrets Of Space

As the captain of your own starship, you will explore new planets and search for secrets of space. Embark on daring missions and battle hostile aliens in galactic combat. As you journey through the game, you’ll encounter different types of aliens and creatures that inhabit the different planets you visit. You will also need to utilize your skills as a space captain in order to save the day from evil forces that threaten the peace of the galaxy.

Form Alliances And Battle With Your Friends

Pixel Starships is a fun space game that you can play with your friends. In this game, you control a ship and must battle your way through the galaxy by forming alliances with other players, and attacking your enemies. Build your fleet from and battle against friends or other players online to see.

Pixel Starships Mod

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Graphics Quality

Graphics quality in Pixel Starships is great! The ships look realistic and the backgrounds are very colorful. An engaging gameplay that will keep you coming back for more. There are plenty of challenges to be completed, and leaderboards to compete on.

Credits This Game: Savy Soda


Pixel Starships is an awesome space game that you don’t want to miss!  You play as a young aspiring pilot who has been chosen to travel to the far reaches of the galaxy in search of new life and new civilizations. Along the way, you will encounter dangerous alien races, thrilling combat missions, and much more. You will be able to choose from a variety of ships and weapons to battle your way through the levels, and the game is constantly updated with new content.

3.3/5 - (426 votes)


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